What is letting go

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What is the difference between avoiding and letting go?

My mind is clever. It feels the bad feelings before the brain can form the words to label them. They are gone. It feels like letting go. But the energy of them remains. It sits heavy upon my chest, closes my heart, restricts my breath…keeps memories burning.

Letting go. Is it the act of allowing myself to feel that pain..to feel it all ugly or otherwise? Let it dissolve in it’s own time. Let it wash all over me and then wash away?

Letting go is embracing pain. And so I must to be free.


Big Spirits

Does anyone else ever feel alone? Ostracized even? Maybe because our heads are in the clouds…or we’re too happy, too lofty, too much? The darkness wants to hide the light but our souls long to shine. I think anxiety & fear is the discrepancy between those two states, between light and dark. It takes a certain strength to keep shining anyway, to trust the light as your true Self.

Ahimsa, A transition….


The more I practice yoga the more my eating habits feel inconsistent with my (aim towards) Truth. As I become tuned to my body the more it seems to lean towards vegan-ism and a cruelty free lifestyle.

I’ve been doing my research (I’m a library student, mind you) and I’m fearful of making such a long term commitment. All of my doubts start to trickle in and worries about side-effects and/or nutritional deficiencies.

I’m sharing this is hopes that I can gain insights from those who have made the transition to vegan living. I would love and appreciate any advice, tips, suggestions, resources, etc.!

Love, light, and less fear: